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Studio Desk Customizations

A White Glove, Personalized service

Fusion Studio Works can can help you realise an original studio desk design of your own, or select one from our range studio desks and we'll tweak it to your requirements.

Customizable features
Overall width and depth, bench top and monitor shelf height, pad arm rest or hard nose. (Just to name a few).

Let us Build Your Own Design

Have you got a studio desk design idea of your own?

A picture is worth a thousand words. We've helped realise many designs which began as a 'back of an envelope' type drawing.

Here's how it works
We mock up your design in 3D so we can visualise it. Once we have refined it to the point where you are satisfied we then transfer the design to a CAD format which our CNC machine can cut from the specified material.

Get Started

Attach your grand idea to an email and send it to:

You are most welcome to call and discuss your idea too. Please refer to the footer menu for the number.