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Made in Melbourne. Shipped everywhere.

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General info & FAQ

  • Ordering - An outline of the process

    1. Go to a product page and Tap/Click on 'Make an Enquiry'. By repeating this step on any product page you can add further products to your Enquiry List.

    2. Click through to your Enquiry List (the circle with the numeral in it's centre, top right of the page).

    3. Review Enquiry List contents.

    4. Tap/Click 'Submit Enquiry'.

    5. Fill in the contact form. You have the opportunity here to simply send us a message, enquire about any customisation or special requests. Click submit.

    6. We will email your final quote once the shipping cost has been obtained from our carrier.

    7. Accept/reject quote. Upon acceptance, we will email you a work order with an embedded, secure shopify payment link.

    8. Once payment has cleared, we will notify you of our scheduled cutting and packing date and keep you informed every step of the way before dispatch.

  • Shipping - General information & rates

    The following is a basic guide to shipping costs to Australian destinations. Cost will be confirmed prior to your order.

    Melbourne Metro: $70
    Sydney Metro: $90
    Brisbane Metro: $120
    Adelaide Metro: $90
    Perth Metro: $150

    If you are in any other locality (including international), please make an enquiry here.

  • Shipping - How are your products packed for shipping?

    All Fusion Studio Works products are shipped in one of two ways:

    1. Several cardboard packages. (5 to 9 depending on product) – This is the default packaging type. Please refer to the 'packing and shipping options' section on the relevant product page for carboard carton dimensions and weight.

    2. A custom made, plywood crate which may require a delivery truck with a ‘tail lift’ if you do not have access to a pallet jack or forklift.

    There are two possible crate base sizes. Their flat area dimensions are as follows:

    a) Australian 1165x1165mm (equal to a standard Australian pallet size)

    b) UK/European 1200x1000mm (equal to one of the European standard pallet sizes)

    Note the base size of the crate you receive depends on the requirements of the product as does the overall height and weight. Please see the info page for specific packed crate size and weight.

    Once we have received your initial enquiry we will reply and ask for your shipping address and a few other relevant details in order to investigate the most cost-effective shipping option to your destination.

    So, fire away! Fill up your Enquiry List. You can review your Enquiry List by clicking the circle at the top-right of the page. From the Enquiry List page, click the 'Submit Enquiry' button and complete the form. We will be back to you in no time.

  • Shipping - How long will my order take?

    Like ordering a meal in a restaurant..

    Fusion Studio Works operates under a ‘made to order’ model which means that we do not keep pre-manufactured stock in a warehouse ready to ship. There are various reasons for this:

    - The customisable nature of some of our products means we cannot anticipate the details of your order.

    - Our products are bulky and heavy and thus, are difficult to store.

    - Our workshop produces bespoke furniture which embodies the antithesis of mass production. What we make is specifically for you.

    The 'made to order' production model allows us to take ultimate quality control measures because your order is cut on the CNC machine, assembled and disassembled in the workshop prior to being carefully packed for shipping.

    Your order is not disptached unless we are 100% satisfied it meets the highest standard of craftsmanship.

  • Shipping - Do you ship orders Internationally? (to any Country other than Australia)


    You can make an enquiry from any product page and we will reply with a shipping quote.

  • Shipping - Do you offer local pickup?


    Our Workshop location is Brunswick 3056, Victoria (Australia).

  • Assembly - What is the level of difficulty in assembling one of your desks?

    In a nutshell, easy!

    Upon order you will be supplied with a 100% Australian authored and designed electronic PDF (A4 sheet size) assembly manual which is derrived directly from the CAD 3D model iteself. It is easily vewed on a tablet or you may print it if you wish.

    No illegible icons or graphics.
    No 'lost in translation' moments.
    No tearing hair out.

    You will require a minimum of two human beings to complete the unit assembly. Human being #2 will be required only for intermittent lifting and positioning of awkward & heavy pieces.

  • Assembly - What tools are required?

    1. A power driver with a Phillips or 'Pozi' type bit. (a screw driver will suffice but will make the process much slower)

    2. Two pairs of strong hands

  • Assembly - Information on fixings and techniques

    Our furniture design does not employ problematic ‘cam & dowel’ type connectors which are often found in other flat packed products.

    Each unit is easily and precisely assembled using a combination of the following supplied specialty fixing types:


    Striplox 90D98

    Please click here for a Striplox 90D98 demonstration video


    Intelligent Fixings Peanut-1

    Please click this link for the product page and demonstration videos


    Employing these fixings in our furniture designs means that all fixing mounting positions are 'machine' accurate. There is zero error introduced by manual drilling and routing by a human being because a CNC machine controlled by a computer underakes this process. The result is that panel joints sit flush and there is no flexing or forcing pieces during assembly

  • Care - Information on the materials and 'finish'

    Film Faced Birch Plywood

    Has the look and feel of natural hardwood. The solid colour or transparent film face provides a durable, scratch resistant surface which is easily cleaned with methylated spirits/denatured alcohol and a clean rag.

    Optional 'edge dressing'

    It is impractical to finish or seal the exposed birch edges in the cutting workshop. To ensure a premium finish, we ship each unit with a small can of non-toxic bee’s wax and a soft cloth. Upon completion of assembly the user is encouraged to rub the bee’s wax into all exposed edges. Ongoing periodic application (usually once per year after the initial application) of this bee's wax will give the natural birch edges a visble warmth and keep your furniture looking fresh through the years.

    Any excess bee's wax which winds up on the film faced panel surface can easily be removed with denatured alcohol or methylated spirits and a clean cloth.

    In colder months and climates the bees wax may be too viscous to get any workable amount on your rag. It can be thinned out by adding a very small amount of 'gum' turpentine (distilled from the sap of pine trees) to the tin. Make sure you use 'gum' and NOT 'mineral' turpentine.

  • Products - Designs pictured on Instagram. Are these for sale?

    Sometimes! - Read on..

    The primary designer at Fusion Studio Works began life making only custom, 'built to order' studio workstations. While we still have these designs in our CAD archive, most were designed to be assembled and then delivered to the client by two men and a van. The major down side to this production model is the shipping constraints. The geographical delivery radius was limited to the greater Melbourne (AU) area because these units were not intentionally designed to break down to an easily flat packed product for freight & handling. The workstations available on the web store represent the evolution of some of the original desk designs but have been revised to be readily flat packed and are, therefore, easily freighted and user assembled.

    Notwithstanding the above, If a unit pictured in the Instagram feed appeals to you, please get in touch via the Get in touch form and we'll see what we can do for you. If you are outside of Melbourne, it will come down to the freight cost of a partially or fully assembled desk to your location.