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Sharpe Sound specialises in Sound Mixing and Sound Design for Broadcast, Film and Web.

Lincoln Sharpe
Sound Design | Re-recording Mixer | Audio Post Production

Lincoln's studio desk requirements presented a challenge we hadn't encountered previously. The brief was the rear video displays, studio speakers and computer displays must all fit within a very specific envelope with reference to the mix position. The solution was to sink the computer display bezel slightly below the console meter bridge in order for the three studio monitors to sit low enough as to not obstruct the centre, left and right front speakers.

The image above shows the solution to fitting the three computer displays on the monitor shelf. We used a little 'outrigger' to accomodate the base of the centre display.

Both left and right Middle Eight rack units were going to obstruct the heavy round bases of the speaker stands König & Meyer 26740 and so we had to modify the rack units to make it all work.

Most custom modifications are scrawled on scraps of paper. This one shows us working through the speaker stand problem.

Sharpe Sound Finished Install Studio Desk

The final product installed.