Sportsbet, Melbourne

Sportsbet, Melbourne

Sportsbet is an online horse racing and sports betting company whose Victorian HQ is on Collins Street, Melbourne. Their media control room is a constant hive of activity. Fusion Studio Works was commissioned to build and install a 7.5 metre version of our '2106' Desk.

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This installation was done in two stages. In the first stage we installed the skeleton of the desk. This essentially leaves the cable channel open for ease of access during gear installation. Once cabling was complete we returned to fit off the worktops, racks and armrests.

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The 7.5m desk is divided into 3 sections of 2.5m each.

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The cable channel includes a parallel divide to allow for separation of power and audio/video.

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Each rack is detachable from the rest of the desk so it can be loaded with gear and cabled up prior to installation. This saves having to keep the desk positioned away from the wall during cabling.

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Showing the recessed Yamaha QL1 Console.

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The recessed Ross Video CB9.

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Look, no cables on the floor! Hallelujah!

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