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Audio Visual Media

Dominic Pernacilici of Audio Visual Media is the chief producer and engineer at this extremely well endowed studio in Clyde, Victoria.

The challenges presented in this case were two fold. Firstly to allow the consoles to extend into the areas in front of the rack equipment. Secondly, to include a slide out tray for a Native Instruments Kontrol S88 which does not interfere with the operators knees!

Audio Visual Media Binary Studio Desk

Our steel frames are made by Kieran at Idle Hands Design. They are masterfully crafted and beautifully finished.

The 'Binary' desk is modified to house four Avid Artist Series consoles. The image below shows the placement of the first unit to check for height and flush. The gap between both rack areas was customised so Dom's computer displays could fit snugly and side-by-side.

Audio Visual Media Binary Studio Desk
This version of the Binary desk was fitted with a full length padded arm rest which is really only possible for local installations.

Audio Visual Media Binary Studio Desk

Dom's desk partially assembled in the workshop.

Dominic was a pleasure to work with in completing this project. He was very understanding when we had to take away the slide out keyboard tray and have it strengthened by the steel fabricator. Together, I feel we have created a stunning space for Dom to work in.