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Middle Eight - Studio Desk for Consoles


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Middle Eight is a studio desk for your mixing console or control surface with geometry echoing vintage 1980's video game enclosures.

The workstation features a padded arm rest which is aligned flush with the fader surface of your console.

Middle Eight is manufactured in several width and depth configurations according to the dimensions of your console. For details, please refer below to the PDF under the dimensions & Specifications tab. Available in black, white or natural timber finish.

Middle Eight in the Field

An example Middle Eight customised for an Avid (Digidesign) D-Command, 24 fader console.

In this case the computer display shelf sits behind the console meter bridge. The shelf height has also been adjusted so that the display bezels are flush with top of the meter bridge.

Here's what our customer had to say:

"I love my desk Leigh designed and built, it is exactly what I had envisioned. We started with the Middle Eight model and during the customisation process he was always open to tweaks. With his experience he was able to make a number of suggestions which we incorporated into the final design.

Leigh travelled to my studio numerous times to make sure I was fully happy with the design and he did a great job with the final install.

I cannot recommend Leigh’s skill and professionalism highly enough"

Middle Eight in the Field

An example Middle Eight customised for an Allen & Heath SQ-6 console.

In the case of smaller consoles such as the SQ-6, two 'filler' work top pieces are cut precisely to size and positioned either side of the console, as shown.


A Middle Eight of custom width and depth may be considered upon request.

Dimension units: mm

Want more detail?

Size Chart

Some of middle eight’s dimensions are fluid & some are fixed. 

The overall width and depth of your middle eight can be determined by utilising the adjacent table in conjunction with the physical dimensions of your console

Section: Console Area

Dimension units: mm

Section: Rack Area

Dimension units: mm

  • Dimensions are customised to suit your specified console. Refer to the technical drawing under the 'Dimensions & Specifications' tab for details on how to determine the overall dimensions^
  • Padded arm rest, premium vinyl cover, 12.5mm foam rubber underlay
  • Left & Right side elevated speaker shelves, atop each rack unit
  • Central, elevated, adjustable & removable computer display platform, depth dimension is specified via pull-down menu
  • Articulated arm mounting points at rear for computer displays and small speakers
  • Two concealed storage cavities, accessed from the front of each rack unit, for cables slack and small computers
  • Recessed or 'sunken' console area. Console fader surface is flush with the padded arm rest*
  • In-built cable management
  • Rack ventilation
  • 16 rack units total, 8RU above work top, 8RU below work top which suits 'set and forget' equipment such as power distribution units
  • Made from 18mm birch plywood

 *Except for Middle Eight 'Universal' in which the console area is not recessed. Suits consoles equal to or less than 800mm wide

^There are some physical limitations with regards to maximum overall width of Middle Eight. If you have a console or modular system greater than 1200mm in width, please select 'Unlisted Console/Equipment’ from the pull down menu, click 'Make an Enquiry' and fill out the contact form from the 'Enquire / Request Shipping Estimate' link

Product dimensions & internal diagrams are detailed in the technical drawing available for download here:


The packing option is specified during the order process

Packing Option #1:  7 individual cardboard cartons
  • Carton 1: 12.7kg, 106x55x7cm
  • Carton 2: 25kg, 112x73x7cm
  • Carton 3: 22.9kg, 57x53x16cm
  • Carton 4: 20.5kg, 53x41x16cm
  • Carton 5: 20.3kg, 111x23x13cm
  • Carton 6: 9.6kg, 111x27x5cm
  • Carton 7: 5.9kg, 111x25x6cm
  • Total Weight = 117kg

Packing Option #2: A custom built, plywood shipping crate

Crate specifications: 170.3kg, 120x100x30cm (Euro Standard Pallet Size)