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Fusion Studio Works

Arcade 2 - Studio Desk for Mastering


A studio production desk for mastering engineers and gear junkies alike. With a whopping 20 units of rack space, this desk is perfect for the modern home or professional studio with rack gear rather than a mixing console or control surface


Dimension units: mm

Want more detail?


Dimension units: mm

  • 1086mm total width (1050mm usable width)
  • Padded arm rest, premium vinyl cover, 12.5mm foam rubber underlay
  • Raised platform for computer displays and near field monitors
  • In-built cable management
  • Rack ventilation
  • 20 rack units total
  • Made from 18mm birch plywood

Product dimensions & internal diagrams are detailed in the technical drawing available for download here:


The packing option is specified during the order process

Packing Option #1:  8 individual cardboard cartons

  • Carton 1: 11.6kg, 111x73x4cm
  • Carton 2: 10kg, 109x63x7cm
  • Carton 3: 20.5kg, 53x49x14cm
  • Carton 4: 7.9kg, 105x20x8cm
  • Total Weight: 50.3kg

Packing Option #2: A custom built, ply wood shipping crate

Crate specifications: 183kg, 120x100x30cm (Euro Standard Pallet Size)

Arcade 2 - Studio Desk for Mastering