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Model 2116 is a desk for music & sound production for the home or project studio.

Featuring a worktop area wide enough for your 88 note keyboard plus a small mixing console or control surface, the worktop is deep enough for your computer keyboard and mouse too (2080x574mm).

2116 also features a luxurious padded arm rest, hassle free cable management, a fixed, raised shelf for speakers & 16 rack units of space.

Available in black, white or natural timber finish.

2116 in the Field

Got stuff?

Put it on a generous work surface. There's an 80mm 'step' between the rack space and the work top to cater for the height of your gear. It means your lowest placed rack unit won't get lost behind the keyboard.

Why is it named '2116'? Well, we were scratching our heads trying to come up with a catchy model name. As is a common story, we dubbed this one '2116' while we were waiting for a better name to arise. 2116mm is the overall width of the desk. However, the work surface is 2080mm wide and 564mm from the front of the arm rests to the front of the racks.

Here's what our customer had to say..

"My studio is used for multiple purposes so it important that all the studio gear is neat and tidy when not in use. When FSW brought in the desk I was blown away not only with the sleek curves but the build quality too. The desk has quite simply exceeded all expectations."

2116 in the Workshop

Sick of tying up cable slack?

Us too. Behold our concept 'cable bins'. The rear of these bins are the slotted panels underneath the rack bays in the adjacent image. Simply connect up your gear and 'lay' the excess cable in one of the bins. No need in rolling and tying. The cables are up off the floor and out of the way. To make life even easier, the bins are all interconnected the whole width of the desk.


Dimension units: mm

Want more detail?


Dimension units: mm

  • 2116mm total width (2080mm usable width)
  • Padded arm rests, premium vinyl cover, 12.5mm foam rubber underlay
  • Raised platform for computer displays and near field monitors
  • In-built cable management
  • Rack ventilation
  • 16 rack units total, 8RU above work top, 8RU below work top which suits 'set and forget' equipment such as power distribution units
  • Made from 18mm birch plywood 

Product dimensions & internal diagrams are detailed in the technical drawing available for download here:


The packing option is specified during the order process

Packing Option #1:  8 individual cardboard cartons

  • Carton 1: 9.7kg, 53x26x13cm
  • Carton 2: 25kg, 53x46x22cm
  • Carton 3: 18.6kg, 97x46x16cm
  • Carton 4: 2.9kg, 105x25x6cm
  • Carton 5: 11.4kg, 103x85x4cm
  • Carton 6: 18.5kg, 103x39x9cm

  • Total Weight: 85.7kg

Packing Option #2: A custom built, ply wood shipping crate

Crate specifications: 139kg, 120x100x30cm (Euro Standard Pallet Size)