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Privacy Policy

We understand your hesitation as a browsing customer in providing detailed contact information when all you want is to make a brief enquiry.

In the age of Spam and cold call marketing (which we despise) you can rest assured that your information goes no further than our support inbox.

In fact, we have a 'no extra mandatory fields' policy for our web forms. The only fields you must complete are the name and email address fields - and this is because it is a function of our chosen E-Commerce platform.

We will never, ever on-sell or share any of your personal details with anyone or anything. The sole reason we ask for your name and email address is simply so that we may reply to your enquiry.

Further more, beyond your initial contact with us we will not send you any unsolicited marketing emails unless you have expressly subscribed to our newsletter of your own accord. That is, we don't have an opt-out policy.

If you get as far as placing an order with us, only then will we require further details.

Onwards and upwards!