Stage Management Console




The Stage Management Console is your side of stage companion.

SMC Features a worktop area wide enough for your laptop plus a set of A3 running sheets, hassle free cable management, a raised shelf for video monitors and speakers & 10 rack units of space which may be loaded with your comms equipment. The panel to the left side of the rack bay may be cut out in order to load your non-rack sized equipment.

Customisations are available upon request, for example, slide out shelves to the left and right of the worktop area.
Available in black only.



Customisable features
- Overall width. Note this will affect the width of the timber comms panel.
- Lower 19" rack space maybe front or rear facing
- Upper 19" rack space to the left or right side
- Removal of grab/bump rails
- Additional hooks and user specified hardware (not including handles)

Fixed features (we do not modify)
- Worktop height (fixed at 885mm)
- Upper 19" rack area height (fixed at 10RU, 459mm)
- By extension to the above points, the overall height is fixed at 1392mm
- Gradient of the worktop (fixed at 6 degrees)
- Side trays retract into the body of the unit. We do not offer a 'fold down' option
- Grab/bump rails are CNC machined from timber and are sufficiently strong enough to lift the whole unit off its casters. We do not fit after market handles.

Fusion Studio Works does not supply electronic A/V equipment. The client/consultant is required to specify all cut-outs to be machined prior to unit manufacture. 20mm is required between cut-outs on the timber comms plate. Be aware the face plates of specified equipment may be larger than their respective cut-outs. When specifying, please ensure the spacing of adjacent equipment takes this into account.

Shipping Info


The following is a basic guide to shipping costs to Australian destinations. Shipping costs vary considerably from product to product as the number of crates, their respective dimensions the overall weight varies.

Melbourne Metro: $70-$100
Canberra: $90-$150
Sydney Metro: $90-$150
Brisbane Metro: $120-$200
Adelaide Metro: $90-$150
Perth Metro: $150-$300

If you are in any other locality (including international) please use the 'Enquire Now' link to request a shipping quote.